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Who We Are?

Bregano is owned by Dwarika Groups who started their journey with a small Atta Chakki in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand in 1992 and today has a presence in over 10 states of India. With the mission to prioritize customer service and deliver quality products, the pioneer of Dwarika Group, Mr. Balram Aggrawal, has taken the business to greater heights.


Our Manufacturing Facility

Bregano’s Manufacturing facility is well equipped with state of the art Italian Pasta Manufacturing machines by Pavan.

With a production capacity of 50MT/Day Bregano’s State of the art manufacturing facility is follows strict operating procedures ensures production of pasta products in a clean and hygienic environment.

Our Product Offerings

We serve multiple options to you!

Why Bregano?

We deliver best of the best!

100% Semolina

All our Pasta products are made of 100% Pure Semolina or Durum Semolina, which has high protein content and elasticity.

GMP & GHP Standards

Bregano manufacturing facility strictly follows Good Manufacturing and Good Hygiene Practices to ensure high quality products.

Italian Machinery

Bregano’s Manufacturing facility is well equipped with modern thermo active Italian machineries which helps in the production of perfect Italian Pasta.


How we can help you ?

At Bregano we provide you pure Italian Pasta range made with 100% durum Semolina. Bregano’s Pasta Products are made with 100% semolina and 0% maida, with a high performance manufacturing facility, Bregano will serve all your pasta products manufacturing needs without any hassles.

Features of Bregano Pasta

  • •Easy to prepare: Bregano Pasta demands very basic or minimal efforts to prepare. On lazy morinings, yummy snacking, Bregano pasta can be a go to snack for everyone.
  • •Steamed, not fried: Bregano Pasta is not fried and has a very low fat content. Made of ingredients that benefits health and can be picked by health freaks too.
  • •No preservatives: Due to no frying and naturally low moisture content, Bregano Pasta does not need any preservatives and anti-oxidants.

Advantages of working with Bregano

Bregano the Pasta brand by Dwarika Groups is a leading brand of numerous Pasta varieties like Fusilli Pasta, Penne Pasta, Gomiti Elbow pasta and many other Food products like Besan, Maida, Gulab Jamun Mix and many more.

    Chances to make a difference

    Together we can make a difference in the field of Pasta Products especifically in its manufacturing. Be it the work flow, process of manufacturing you can rely on us.

Our Manufacturing Process


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