Bregano pasta sauses
  • June 23 2023
What Are 5 Popular Pasta Sauces?

5 popular pasta sauces

Want to add charm to your favorite Italian pasta sauces? You can add your flair and experiment with these pasta sauce cooking recipes, a blend of

Pasta without sauces is like a cake without toppings!

Western and eastern dishes. No matter what you add to your pasta (veggies, meat, spices), any pasta dish is incomplete without its sauce. So, why not experiment with your fantastic cooking methods and give them a personal touch? You can start from here with the five mouthwatering basic pasta sauces that you can experiment with:


Marinara Pasta sauce, this one is a blend of fresh herbs, garlic, and tomatoes. This pasta sauce is the soul of Italian cooking. You can use this sauce in summer and experiment with food that is not too heavy. You can enhance the taste by adding some Chinese Szechuan or Korean gochujang to it- Amazing spicy flavors. Something that you can impress your spice-lover friends with.


Oh, how can we not talk about the pine nuts flavors? — mixed with olive oil, tangy cheese, and earthy basil, this straightforward pasta sauce is the love of weight-conscious people and vegetarians. You can add cilantro to create a chimichurri-inspired sauce. Want to have an extra sour taste? Add lime or Yuzu, simple. And for Thai flavor lovers, just add some green curry!


You can call Ragu an advanced version of Marinara sauce because it is rich— We are talking about ground meat here. To make it tastier, you can slow-cook it and simmer it until the meaty flavor seeps in. You can also experiment by adding kimchi to the sauce and make the diners fall in love with Korean cuisine with its tangy taste. You can also try a dish inspired by Kung-pao using Szechuan chilis or go with Bolognese pasta in Chinese style alongside rice wine soy sauce.

Cooking Hack: You can try Bregano Italian pasta with different flavors to experiment with varying styles of taste.


Who can forget about the Alfredo sauce while talking about pasta sauces? A combination of Classic cheese, cream, and butter make the perfect Alfredo sauce. Its rich and mouthwatering flavor is definitely going to help you earn some praise. You can experiment with it by adding salted egg for a yummy savoriness. And don’t forget to garnish it with grated eggs to make it interesting. And if you are a fan of Singaporean food, you can choose spicy laksa flavor or even some savory yellow curry.

Brown Butter

Fan of nutty and roasted flavor? Try browning butter. This roasted flavor can go with any pasta— especially ravioli. It’s made with only one ingredient, which is butter. Want a refreshing touch to your dish? You can try mixing lime or Yuzu to make your dish rich. And how can we forget the Japanese touch you can give it—try mixing different mushrooms and garlic, cook them together with browned butter, and don’t forget to add some miso before tossing Al Dente noodles in it.


Cooking hack: You can try experimenting with Ravioli in Asian style. You don’t have to use pasta. Not only this saves you time, but it is quick and affordable.

Well, there are many ways you can cook pasta sauces, and there are thousands of combinations that you are yet to try. You can look around the Asian store near you and check if you’re missing something or find something new to experiment with. Who knows, you may invent a new dish while experimenting!