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  • March 06 2023
5 Reasons How Pasta Is Beneficial For Your Health

Mommy! Please make Pasta for snacks today! “No Pasta, it's not good for Health.” We all often came across such statements from our Parents when it comes to making Pasta at Ho

Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings.

me. Pasta is prominent for having “Refined Wheat Flour” (Maida) as its main ingredient that harms our Digestive System. But a very few of us know about the benefits of Pasta,yes you read that right.  Bregano has come up with a healthy yet tasty solution to your Pasta Cravings, the Bregano Multi Grain pasta. Here are 5 reasons How Pasta is Beneficial for your Health. 

Ingredients: In this era where people prefer to have mouth watering food every day. Multi Grain Pasta fulfils all the spicy food cravings giving all the benefits of Health.

It is important for you to know about the ingredients to create trust towards the speciality of this Pasta.  

Bregano Multi Grain pasta has Bajra, Quinoa, Ragi and Amarnath and 8 other Multi Grains. It not only facilitates your taste without compromising health but also benefits your digestive health.

Carbohydrates: The bregano Multi grain pasta is rich in Carbohydrates. When we hear the word carbs we often imagine food with plenty of oil in it. But along with other fibres our body needs Carbs as well. Fibre is of two types as well, soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre is available in fruits and vegetables, while insoluble fibre is present in wheat flour, wheat bran, brown rice, etc.There no loss in consuming carbs in efficiently delicious manner. Bregano’s Pasta is a delicious source of Carbohydrates.

Fibre: In the rapid growth of working on a computer all day, it's high time to focus on the blood sugar level of the body. Consuming meals having high sugar can make you eat more and you might end up facing issues of obesity. However, eating Bregano Multi Grain Pasta helps you feel lighter for a longer period of time. Reading the ingredients list and going through the full pasta-making process to determine whether or not what you're about to eat is healthy can be stressful, and it's not a sustainable way of life. Bregano Multi Grain Pasta is here to simplify your life.

Nutrition: Bragano multi grain pasta is full of nutrition. Here is the quantity of how nutrition rich bregano multi grain pasta is. According to USDA one cup of Multi Grain Pasta has: 

Calories 207
Total fat 2.4 g
Saturated fat 0.3 g
Trans fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 g
Sodium 329 mg
Total carbs 41.8 g
Dietary fibre 5.5 g
Sugar 1 g
Protein 8.3 g

Vitamins:  According to the USDA, whole-grain pasta is abundant in B vitamins like niacin (vitamin B3) and thiamin (vitamin B1). Minerals such as selenium, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus are also abundant.

According to the National Institutes of Health, B vitamins are necessary for a healthy neurological system and energy metabolism (NIH). According to the National Institutes of Health, copper is necessary for the formation of connective tissue, blood cells, and the efficient functioning of the neurological, immunological, and circulatory systems. 

How is Bregano Multi Grain Pasta is Different from others?

The components are the best part of Bregano Multi Grain pasta. Whole-wheat pasta, Quinoa pasta, Ragi pasta, multigrain pasta, and natural coloured pasta are all available fromBregano Products.

Do you want to slim down? Whole-wheat pasta, multigrain pasta, and Ragi pasta are low in calories and carbohydrates but abundant in dietary fibres, which help keep blood sugar levels in check.

Naughty kids? You can fix the problem using Bregano Multi grain pasta. They eat pasta created from Multi grains, which is both healthful and enjoyable for them.

Gluten allergic? Bregano Multigrain pasta is a great option. Quinoa pasta allows you to enjoy tasty pasta without having to worry about gluten.

Bregano Multigrain  pasta comes in a variety of shapes, including shells, fusilli, penne rigate, vermicelli, and macaroni rigate pasta.

Pasta is flexible in the kitchen, keeps you full for longer, is easy to prepare, beginner-friendly, low in carbs, sodium, fat, gluten-free, and aids weight loss. Eating healthy has never been easier than with Bregano Multi Grain pasta.