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Bregano is the food products brand owned by Dwarika Groups. Dwarika Groups started their journey in 1992 with a small Atta Chakki in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, providing wheat milling services to its customers.

Pavan Long-Cut Pasta Line

This pasta plant produces any shape including candele, ziti, and hollow long fusilli pasta, with capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 kg/h. The dough preparation using the pre-kneader PREMIX® and the tank total vacuum technology gives great color to the pasta, whereas the special outline of the compression screw minimizes the dough heating up, assuring at the same time a better quality of the dough and streamlining the energy consumption.

Pavan Short-Cut Pasta Line

With the short pasta line, you can produce standard short pasta such as penne pasta or special pasta such as paccheri or also cut pasta such as farfalle. Production ranges from 100 to 1200 kg/h. Equipped with our lasagne production machine NEST, it enables a totally automatic production of nestes and lasagna.

Pavan Fresh Regional Pasta Line

Thanks to Premix®, Beltmix, Bakmix dough production technologies, you can get top mixtures that are extremely suitable for being manufactured in the shaping units using semolina. They are intended for miscellaneous recipes although the outcome is always exceptional. The dough distribution system is automated and continuously feeds many shaping units.

Pavan Fresh Filled Pasta Line

F/RP fresh-filled pasta lines have been designed to reach the maximum quality and a long life span by a unique pasteurization process. High temperature drying systems together with freezing and double pasteurization systems are available for frozen or stabilized pasta.